Contact Me for Banjers


We used to have Fretless Banjo Workshops every year at the San Diego State University Folk Festival. I always thought Someone (not me) should put together a newsletter, or list, of all the people who owned, or played, or made fretless banjos. I still think it’s a good idea and, with the advent of the internet, a lot easier and more practical. But I’m more of an Idea Man. Besides, what I don’t know about the Internet scares me and definitely disqualifies me. Still, it would be nice, if you were passing through Boise or Dubuque or Macon, to be able to call up someone who wouldn’t think you had forgot to finish the neck on your strange looking banjo and would appreciate what you made out of a pie plate and a railroad tie. We may not be quite the outsiders we once were, but there is still strength in numbers and we are still looking for a few good persons. Come on over to the Fretless Side! Like the song says: “I’m frettin’ now but I won’t be frettin’ long!”

I would love to hear your stories of fretless love and addiction and see the results of your travails.